Transcripts FAQs

Who can order a transcript?
Any current or former student can request their UGA transcript online.  A third party can request your transcript if written consent is provided.

How can I request a transcript?
Instructions on how to submit a transcript request can be found here.
What is the charge for a transcript?
Transcripts are $8.00 per copy.  Additional fees apply for express delivery through FedEx.
Do I need to pay for my transcript before I receive it?
Yes, payments for all transcripts must be satisfied at the time of order.
What forms of payment are accepted for a transcript?
The Office of the Registrar accepts credit and debit cards online or money orders for requests submitted via mail.  We do not accept cash or checks.
Will I have to provide my Social Security Number to place an order?
You will not be asked at any time to provide your social security number.  Only your name and date of birth are required to process your order.  
Can I pick up my transcript in person at the Office of the Registrar?
Yes, pick up is a delivery option that can be selected through the online ordering site. Once the transcript is printed, you will receive a confirmation email updating the status of your order to “Delivered.” Once you have received this confirmation, you can visit the Registrar’s Office during our regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) with a photo ID to pick up your transcript.
Can someone else pick up my transcript?
Yes, there is an option for you to place an order for pick up and designate who will be picking up the order. This person will need to present a photo ID when picking up the transcript.
Can I request my transcript be sent electronically?
Yes, we can send a PDF of your transcript to any recipient you provide. Please confirm that the recipient considers an electronic transcript to be official.
Can I request my transcript be sent via fax?
No, the Registrar’s Office does not issue transcripts via fax.
Can I order my transcript via fax or e-mail?
No, the Office of the Registrar only accepts transcript requests made online or via mailed in request forms.
How many copies of a transcript can be ordered at one time?
You can order up to 10 copies of your transcript per request.
Can I upload an attachment to be mailed with my transcript?
Yes, you can upload any file you need to have enclosed with your transcript when mailed. Please limit attachment file names to <25 characters and insure that the attachment is not encrypted.
When will my transcript be mailed?
Requests for transcripts that will be mailed are processed within 5 business days. Please allow 6-13 days business days for receipt of the transcript.
How long does processing a transcript order take?
The processing time for a transcript request is up to 5 business days. Though requests may be processed before that time, the Registrar’s Office cannot guarantee a transcript will be issued for mail or electronic delivery before the 5 business day period has ended.
How will I know if/when my transcript request has been processed?
Upon completion of a transcript order, an email will be sent confirming that your order has been submitted. Once a transcript order has been issued, a confirmation email will be sent reflecting a completed status.
What if my transcript never arrives to its destination?
Please allow 10 business days after processing for your transcript(s) to be delivered. If your transcript(s) are not received by the recipient after 10 business days, please contact our office at 706-542-4040 or

Can I have my transcript order expedited?
Due to the high volume of orders, the Registrar’s Office is unable to prioritize any one request over another.
Can I cancel my transcript order?
Once an order is placed, the Registrar’s Office cannot cancel an order or issue a refund. Please verify that you need a transcript before submitting a request.
I requested my transcript to be sent to the wrong recipient/email/address. Can I correct my order?
Once an order is submitted, it will be issued to the provided destination. Please be sure to verify the delivery information before submitting as the Registrar’s Office cannot cancel or refund orders. If you have submitted a request to the wrong address/email/recipient, you will need to place another order to the correct destination. Paper transcripts returned to UGA by the USPS due to insufficient or incorrect address information will be destroyed. A new request with the correct address will need to be submitted.
I received confirmation that my transcript has been delivered, but the recipient still has not received it. What should I do?
For hardcopy transcripts requested to be sent via USPS, please allow 10 business days from the receipt of the email that your transcript was successfully processed for delivery
For e-transcripts sent to a personal email, please check your spam folder as the delivery email can be directed there in some instances.
For e-transcripts sent to another institution for an application, please allow 10 business days for the recipient to properly process the document. If after that time they have confirmed that the transcript has not been received, please contact our office for further assistance.
For any transcripts sent through Parchment in-network delivery, (i.e., you chose the institution from the search list instead of manually entering an email or address) please contact the receiving institution.
In all cases, UGA may be able to assist you with a replacement transcript sent in the same manner to the same address if the initial transcript was not received. This request must be made within 30 days of the initial request.
If the transcript is not received after that time, contact our office at or at 706-542-4040 for further assistance.
I am submitting a request for a paper transcript and am having trouble filling out the address information. How should I proceed?
When submitting a transcript request to be mailed, you can utilize the Mailing Name and Mailing Address 1 – 3 fields to fit the address information. The address is printed in this format:
Mailing NameIma SampleIma Sample II
Mailing Address Line 1123 Bulldog Blvd.Undergraduate Admissions
Mailing Address Line 2 The Univ of Georgia
Mailing Address Line 3 Terrell Hall
City, State, ZipAthens, GA 30602Athens, GA 30602
CountryUnited StatesUnited States
If you are still having difficulties fitting the address information into the space provided, be sure to use appropriate abbreviations when applicable such as St, Rd, Ln, Apt, and Rm.
If the entirety of the recipient’s name or title cannot fit in the Mailing Name field, try breaking up the information into the Mailing Address 1 field.
UGA will send the transcript to the address that is provided. The information entered in the address field on the transcript order prints directly on the transcript. We cannot change the address based on notes included in the Special Instructions field.
More information on how to address your transcript correctly can be found through the United States Postal Service:

My name and/or the mailing address uses special characters, how do I enter these?
Currently the name and address fields of your transcript request cannot accommodate ASCII special characters. Please avoid their use.
How will the charge for the transcript appear on my credit card statement?
Your order will appear as "Parchment Exchange, Inc." on your credit card statement.
What is Parchment Exchange Inc.?
Parchment Exchange is a premier software-as-a-service company which offers the only real-time, fully integrated service that supports document ordering, PDF generation, certification, rights management and secure delivery of electronic transcripts as well as other high-stake documents. The Office of the Registrar has partnered with Parchment Exchange Systems to provide you with secure online transcript ordering.
Can I request that my official transcript be notarized for the Apostille or Great Seal?
To request a transcript for an Apostille or Great Seal, please submit a notarized transcript request form here: