Non-Degree Seeking Students

Can non-degree seeking students register without being cleared by an academic advisor?
Yes, non-degree seeking students can register without having clearance from an academic advisor.
Can students who are dual-enrolled register without being cleared by an academic advisor?
No, dual-enrolled students do get an advising hold that must be cleared by an academic advisor before they can register.
How is a registration date determined for non-degree seeking students?
Non-degree seeking students obtain a registration time ticket based on earned hours and will register at their assigned time.
Will non-degree seeking students be allowed to change to a degree-seeking major after being accepting as a non-degree seeking student?
Non-degree seeking students should be directed to the appropriate admissions office if they wish to change to a degree-seeking status.  Non-degree seeking students cannot change to degree-seeking via Athena.
Are non-degree seeking students coded with a school or college code?
Non-degree seeking students are coded with a “00” school code.  This allows the Office of the Registrar to identify such students but does not include them in any official school or college’s enrollment count.