DegreeWorks - General FAQs

Q: What is DegreeWorks?
A: DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks looks at the degree requirements of the UGA bulletin and the coursework completed to produce an easy-to-read audit. The audit is divided into block requirements of how courses taken or proposed count toward degree requirements. Checkboxes exist within each block to easily outline what courses and requirements are complete. DegreeWorks also allows students and their advisors to plan for future coursework.


Q: Who can use DegreeWorks?
A: As of July 3, 2012, DegreeWorks is available to all current registration eligible undergraduate and Pharmacy students who have no quarter system courses.  Starting Fall 2014, DegreeWorks will be available to all current registration eligible undergraduate and Pharmacy students regardless of past quarter system coursework.


Q: Is my information confidential?
A: Yes. Like other processes you use through the MyUGA portal, DegreeWorks is accessed through your secure login. Remember that your advisor, faculty, and authorized staff will be able to view the information contained in DegreeWorks.


Q: Can I register for classes in DegreeWorks?
A: No. Registration including prerequisite checks will continue to be handled through OASIS or Athena.


Q: Why does my Expected Graduation Term in DegreeWorks say Not Available?
A: Graduation terms are calculated automatically when you reach a certain number of hours. You do not yet have enough completed hours to calculate. 


Q: Can I save or print my audit?
A: Yes. Utilizing the 'Save as PDF' button, you can save or print a .pdf version of your audit. When doing so, please be aware of FERPA regulations.