Known Issues


  • There is a known issue with Area II lectures and labs. Some labs are decoupling from lectures. We are working with the vendor on a resolution.
  • An issue was discovered that prevents the use of the "GO" functionality when logging into DegreeWorks with an iPad.  Once the username and password are entered, please use the "LOGIN" button to obtain access to DegreeWorks.
  • A defect was discovered that impacts the Notes tab for faculty and staff users.  Notes will not save if the "&" symbol is used or if your college contains the "&" symbols (for example: Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources).  This defect does not occur in the new version of DegreeWorks.







  • We received notification from our vendor that the compatibility issue between DegreeWorks and Google Chrome is resolved with the release of Chrome 44.0.2403.155.  Please update to Chrome 44.0.2403.155 to properly display audits in DegreeWorks.
  • The process of adjusting audits to reflect the Spring 2015 Bulletin changes is complete. Please contact with questions.
  • Starting Fall 2014, DegreeWorks will be available to all current registration eligible undergraduate and Pharmacy students regardless of past quarter system coursework.
  • The Custom GPA Calculator is now available for use by students and advisors.  For more information, please see the Calculator Guide
  • NOTE to advisors:  For training purposes, please click on the following two documents: PowerPoint and  Brochure






DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor a student's progress toward degree completion.

DegreeWorks combines the University of Georgia’s degree requirements and the coursework completed into an easy-to-read worksheet that helps see how courses completed count toward degree requirements, and that helps to see what courses and requirements still need to be completed. This system is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions. DegreeWorks may be accessed at

The degree compliance audits produced by DegreeWorks are dependent on a student’s major/concentration. Data is extracted from the Student Information System into DegreeWorks on a nightly basis. Any change to the student's record in the Student Information System will not be reflected in DegreeWorks until the next day.

Students who have not specified a major must use the “What-If option” and select an anticipated major from the drop-down list to view a full degree audit.

Review the FAQs and Tutorials available on the left hand links of this site or the instructions available under the Help tab on each page in DegreeWorks. If further assistance is needed, send an email from your UGA student email address containing your name, UGA ID # and question to